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How I started doing Voiceover!

Well well well, Hello there and welcome to my site! I figured for my first blog post it'd only be appropriate to share a bit about myself, and how I landed into this crazy career called "Voiceover"!

It all started on a cold winter night in 19-...ok wait maybe that's a bit too far. I fell in love with Voiceover during my time at college. I was getting my Acting Degree from the New York Film Academy, when we had to take a mandatory Voiceover Class.

"Voiceover? Psh Yeah ok! I'm born to be ON camera, not behind it!" Boy was I wrong. I soon found out that despite being 20...something years old, I easily sounded like I was a high school freshmen, and hey! I'll take it! This opened so many doors for me Voiceover wise, from PSAs, Commercials, and pretty much anything marketed towards "the youth". Finding my niche in voiceover so soon was a God Send! (Perhaps I shall do another blog post about Finding your Niche?)

Not only did I realize that I was able to play younger, I found the world of animation and fell head over heels in love with it. Like, wait a sec? I can play a flesh eating zombie from outer space? How about a nerdy elementary school kid? An aging Grandma, that's secretly a werewolf in disguise? The possibilities were ENDLESS. This is one of my FAVORITE aspects of Voiceover!

Years later I'm still voicing that "Sarcastic Teen arguing with his parents" in one session then quickly switching up to play a "Human Hungry Monster" a couple hours later, and honestly? I wouldn't change it for the world!

And that is the story of how I met, fell in love, and continued to enjoy this industry! It's been a crazy few years in VO, and I can't wait for more to come!

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